she’s turning 30 this year



Honestly if you pull that shit some more I’m gonna break your squishy face

Christ you’re so petty and you cry for attention constantly and you think you’re bad bc you make 40 private accounts just to talk smack. U showed me who’s boss. I’m so afraid wow. U called me the B WORD IM TELLING MY MOM (oh wait she’s prob too busy snorting coke and being poor according to you)

I’m gonna make a blog where I talk about shit ok just because this keeps happening and it’s not fun/entertaining to read sry guys

God speaking of Brianna
Everytime I see her art I just wanna END HER
Nah jk lmao like her traced crap actually gets notes lol lol lol


please report pastelradiostatic / falsettos-and-fisticuffs theyre misgendering ppl and saying very transphobic things please report them



Oh man how could I forget your best fucking attribute. Your victim card. Man obviously without those posts you’ve done absolutely nothing fucking wrong. Yes we are in the wrong. We gave you all our personal information. We told you about our lives. Gee if only I had a way of letting you know all…


hi ok so this is my first outing post here on the tumblr dot com so here we go

warning for #transphobia, #racism, #ableism, #homophobia, #drugs, #violence, #violence against minors, #trivializing, #suicide and #slurs rlly the whole nine miles tbh

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This is beaut ty dani


This should be how We treat Anon hate.



This is a continuation of my previous post (had to break them up due to the post size limit), but here are a few more League of Legends illustrations I did for Riot last year!

Twitch’s Pool Party
Twitch was one of the first Champions I played and I always thought he was funny. In my early sketches I wanted to do a scene with Twitch bathing in the sewers, or the horrified reaction of his friends as he’s about to jump into a pool with them. This was done before they released the new Pool Party skins for Graves, Lee Sin, Leona and Renekton (who was already seen as a lifeguard in the old Pool Party Ziggs splash screen), but if I’d known, I totally would have thrown those characters into the mix as well! ^__^

Vi & Caitlyn
After trying out a few humorous images that involved the ex-criminal Vi and her now crime fighting comrade, Caitlyn, I settled on a simple arm-wrestling scene on a barrel of Gragas’s ale, throwing in her personal taunt to Caitlyn, using the teacup: “Care for a spot of tea? Or maybe a spot of punch in the face!

Love and War
I wanted to play on the (sort of) love triangle between Rumble, Tristy and Teemo; Teemo had given Tristy a personalized cupcake (Yordles can’t resist cupcakes…) while Rumble had carved their names into a tree… the two fight for Tristy’s love while she looks on.

More to come! ^__^